World Champion Boxer Roberto 杜兰 Meets with University 社区 at A&移动商务活动

A legend in the world of boxing, Roberto 杜兰 made a special appearance at 皇冠体育365赌博&10月10日,星期二. 这位前世界冠军与学生们交流, 教职员工 through a series of special events.

杜兰, 被称为“石头之手”,” is a Hall of Fame boxer who won World Championships in four different weight classes during a professional career that spanned from 1968 to 2001. He retired with a career record of 103-16 and is the second boxer in history to fight professionally across five decades.

His life was dramatized in the 2016 film “Hands of Stone,,由Édgar Ramírez饰演杜兰, 罗伯特·德尼罗饰演杜兰的长期教练, 雷Arcel, 音乐家亚瑟饰演舒格·雷·伦纳德. He continues to be a national hero to his native country of Panama, 部分原因在于他的慈善事业.

At the beginning of his campus visit, 杜兰 spoke with members of the A&移动商务 community during a luncheon at Rayburn Student Center. He also spoke with members of the media and a select group of student representatives throughout the day.

向媒体发表讲话, 杜兰 reminisced about his many memorable moments in the ring and what he's been up to more recently. Since 杜兰 primarily speaks 西班牙语, his daughter Irichelle served as his interpreter.

“我花了很多时间在海滩上,杜兰说, referring to his lifestyle now that his fighting days are over. “我也喜欢做公共服务. 我想回馈给那些需要帮助的人.”

当被问及他现在是否还在继续拳击运动时, 杜兰 said he rarely settles down in front of the television to take in a match. “我宁愿看足球比赛,杜兰笑着说, adding that his favorite team is the 西班牙语 Barcelona.

When asked if there was any fighter that he wanted to get in the ring with but never got the chance to, 他摇了摇头. “我和每个人都打过仗,”他说.

The main event of 杜兰's visit came later in the evening when he sat down with Dr. 罗伯特·罗德里格斯, professor and interim associate dean of the College of 人文、社会科学和艺术, for a live talk show-style interview in front of a crowd of students, 教职员工. 杜兰 received a standing ovation from the gathered crowd upon his entry.

It was also announced that film crews were attending the event to gather footage for an upcoming docu-reality series featuring 杜兰 and his family.

杜兰 took a series of questions from Rodriguez and seemed to savor the opportunity to speak to the A&移动商务的观众, talking at length about the lows of his hard upbringing in Panama to the highs of his World Championship titles.

He was also asked about what many could argue was his most infamous moment: The “No Más” fight against Sugar Ray Leonard in 1980, where 杜兰 infamously threw in the towel in the eighth round and is said to have told the referee “No más” or “no more” to signal his intention to end the fight. He has publicly denied that he ever said those words during the fight.

杜兰 explained his rationale for abandoning the Leonard fight, saying that following his first fight with Leonard just a few months prior, he spent his most of his time partying hard and gaining weight and was blindsided when his manager contacted him to tell him he was signed to fight Leonard in a month's time.

“I was very out of shape when training for the rematch,杜兰说. “I still wasn't fully prepared when it came to the fight. I was too out of shape and weak, and that was why I ended the fight.”

杜兰 was reviled in his native Panama for years following the “No Más” incident, but he managed to rebound and would later win another World Boxing Association title just a few years later, subsequently returning him to hero status throughout Panama.

他在A&移动商务, 杜兰 also spoke about his many other endeavors, 包括他的音乐和电影事业. He expounded on his interactions with Sylvester Stallone on the set of “Rocky II” and also delighted the crowd with a small sample of his singing.

At the end of the event, 杜兰 took audience questions and stayed for a photo session with attendees. He also left a message for the students in attendance: “In your life, you will come across friends who are both good and bad. Make sure to surround yourself with the good people and you will be successful.”